Silk Paint Workshops can be arranged for groups and individuals, for any period of time 

from one hour (* see below) to a full day. 

I can come to your home, school, workplace, club or venue to provide great Silk-Paint parties for all ages.

Silk Painting is fascinating and fun.

Many adults find Silk Painting a therapeutic activity which combats stress and depression as well as creating stunningly beautiful works of art. 

Working together on a project such as an Indian Rangoli Pattern or a Buddhist Mandala (circular focus for meditation) is also a great team-building activity. 

 I offer special rates for Guides, Brownies, and other voluntary or charity groups.

   * note - I prefer not to give workshops for less than two hours as it is quite a rush to complete anything in an hour, but shorter silk-paint workshops can work well when given as a series of one hour sessions, provided that there is  space to store the materials and paintings from one week to the next.

When I sell my work at Craft Fairs I also offer customers Silk-Painting workshops. 
This photograph is a girl taking part 
in a workshop during a Craft Fair 


 For more information - Contact -

DurgaMata Chaudhuri

c/o Blue Lotus Enterprises

66 Nowell Road,


SW13 9BS

 I prefer to limit the size 

of a Workshop group to fifteen.

I am happy to work with 

individuals of 5 years old and over. 

When working with young people, 

one adult (usually a parent) should accompany

 the group for every five children under 12.



079 444 28756