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In connection with teaching Art and Religious Education, and for the Community Cohesion Workshops that I offer, I have created some videos, Slide Shows and other documents which can be downloaded or viewed free. 

These may be of interest to visitors to this site so I am giving the links to them here.


for Mythological Creatures - a ten minute video combining images and music as a stimulus for Art teaching -


for Reflections On Life  - a series of slide-shows, designed to be shown with music and shown in Assembly, RE lessons or as an introduction to Community Cohesion Workshops.

These slide-shows encourage reflection on life by combining images and inspiring texts from many different cultures and religions 

The earliest one in this series is the dark one which has no introductory slides. This Slide-Show is suitable for all ages and has proved to be the most popular Slide-Show and some of the comments from the TES site (where all these plus many more of my resources are available as free downloads) are also included in my Slide-Share documents. Some teachers have told me that they watch it every day to de-stress and as a real form of meditation!

Reflections on Life Part 1 

comes next in the series. Starting in space, like the previous one, it looks at the beauty of our planet and the mystery of life and then explores some of the issues which cause pain and suffering. 

As there are graphic images of war and death included in this slide-show, this version is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

In Reflections On Life Part 2

designed for use in exploring InterFaith experience, 

there is more of a focus on the solution to problems with a celebration of 

culture and wisdom from all around the world.

The Exploring Religion and Exploring Religion Conversations 

slideshows are designed to introduce religion to young people aged 11 - 16 

in RE lessons but are just as useful 

when exploring the great Eternal Questions with adults.