For a brief profile of Alison Beck and Hilary Broad, my Silk-Craft artist friends, 

who created the beautiful flower designs which I use myself and in many of my workshops, 

see lower down in this section.

DurgaMata - Artist's Profile 


Durga-Mata Chaudhuri grew up on a farm, deep in the East Anglian countryside. Surrounded by natural beauty from the moment she stepped out of the door, she has always been enchanted by the patterns and colours found in nature, the changing skies and changing seasons and the detail of perfection found in the faces of wild flowers.

Art has been one of DurgaMata's passions throughout her life, from winning competitions as a child to studying Mural Art at university, where she took a degree of Theology and Religious Studies twinned with Mural Art. Specialising in stained glass – a medium which combines the qualities of colour, pattern and light, DurgaMata then trained as a teacher of both Religious Education and Art.

DurgaMata taught for over 20 years, mostly in Inner City High Schools and it was while teaching Art to GCSE and A'level students that she became fascinated with the medium of Silk-Painting which combines the qualities of colour, pattern and light much as stained glass can – but is much more accessible, especially for beginners. She is particularly interested in the way that Silk-Painting enchants everyone, from young children to centenarians and is a great way of exploring creativity, even for those who have no previous experience in art. 

Silk-Painting is also very therapeutic. You can not rush silk-painting and by using pre-printed designs, inspiring and satisfying results are assured. 

The way the colours blend together brings a quality of spontaneity and delight which makes it an excellent tool for reducing stress, depression or unhappiness - something much needed in our often fragmented and impersonal society.

Since 2009 DurgaMata has focussed on facilitating and coaching students of all ages in Silk-Painting, feeling that this is something which can really inspire people, make a positive difference and bring joy into our lives.

Working with groups or individuals of all ages, whether for fun or for therapeutic benefits and well-being, DurgaMata's workshops elicit a great response. Give us an email today to learn more -


When Alison Beck began silk-painting it was difficult to buy the materials so she set up SilkCraft which is now one of the best sources of silk painting materials. She and her friend the artist Hilary Broad designed the pre-printed gutta on silk pictures which are a SilkCraft speciality - ideal for making cards or mounting to hang as pictures on the wall. 


Alison Beck, creator of SilkCraft is an accomplished artist and with Hilary designs the pre-printed outlines of flowers and other popular silk pictures which are ideal for making cards or framing as pictures to hang on a wall.

Hilary Broad has had a passion for drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. 
Over the years her drawings and paintings have been reproduced in scientific books, periodicals and gift stationery. 
Hilary lives in Chesterfield, England and has been a member of the Chesterfield Art Club for the last 20 years.